Tamara Kachala, Yanina Kovalchuk


This article deals with the investigation of the mechanisms for the activation of businesses in the Ukraine. It is possible through increasing the cooperation with the European Union (EU). The paper emphasizes the need for radical changes in the conduct of Ukrainian businesses in order to enhance investment and innovation. This paper proposes that today the international integration processes in the Ukraine require new approaches and technology cooperation, promotion the transfer of innovation, and the investment processes. Indicated in this paper are the current approaches and new challenges that have arisen today which require rapid reorientation of the close relationship of science and industry and the development of information and in the infrastructure sector. The authors propose the use the cluster integration processes in the region for intensification investment and innovation activity that is necessary today to strengthen cooperation with the EU. The paper is presents a method of complex analysis of the regional development characteristics and regional cluster initiatives; and their reflections on a map.


Business development, Opportunities, Potential, Innovation, Investment, Cooperation, Cluster, Regional economy


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