Vol 1, No 2 (2014)

Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research

JEECAR is a multidisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal aimed at publishing high-quality, original, innovative research about current economic issues in the rapidly changing Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. It acts as an interface between academia and the policy community by providing a space for discussion that brings the policy, academic, diplomatic, and business sectors together, with double-blind peer-reviewed academic studies relating to regional history, politics, security, economics, society and culture.

Table of Contents

Editorial Note from Editors.PDF


The Method of Choice for Reporting Comprehensive Income PDF
Kendra Huff, Natalya (Natasha) Delcoure 5
The Most Fundamental Problems Afflicting the Multilateral Trade Regime and How They Might be Resolved PDF
Georgia Giannakarou 7
An Analysis of Pre and Post-Acquisition Financial Performance of Target Czech Banks: A Comparative Analysis PDF
Long Hoang Pham 12
State-Private Partnership: Essence, Foreign Experience, and Mechanism of Relationship in Ukraine PDF
Lilia Dmytrychenko, Iliya Braylovskyi, Kimberly Millier 7
Through the Eyes of the Traveler: Consumer Evaluation of Hotels in Eastern European Capitals Compared with Western, Southern, and Northern Europe PDF
Maria Madlberger 9
Subnational Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments in the Russian Federation PDF
Andrey Yukhanaev, Satish Sharma, Anastasia Nevidimova 10
Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Dark Tourism and the Baltic States: A Longitudinal Perspective PDF
Brent McKenzie 2
The Implementation of Anti-trust Legislation in an Economy Undergoing Transformation, Using the Example of the Polish Tabloid Market PDF
Hanna Trojanowska 5
The Impact of Corruption on GDP Per Capita PDF
Nazar Mustapha 5
Knowledge Management as a Basis of Modern Development of the Companies PDF
Alla Polyanska, Oksana Malynka 9
Consumers’ Perception on Standardized Advertizing and Localized Advertising of Multinational Companies in Smartphone Industry PDF
Ran Liu, Robert A. Kramarczuk, Nikolay Megits 11

Foreign Affairs

The Crisis in Crimea – “Voices” From Canada: A Qualitative Study PDF
Brent McKenzie 6
Power Distribution on the World Stage: The Impact of the Crimean Crisis PDF
Alla Roşca 9

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