Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research

This JEECAR issue is copy-edited by Dr. Charlotte Davis, Concord University, Athens, WV

Table of Contents

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The Russian Landing Rate, Central Bank’s Policy Related Rate and Intermediation Premium Article.PDF
Chu V. Nguyen, Caroline LeBon, Stephen Miller, Cynthia B. Lloyd 12
The Role of National Cultures in Shaping the Corporate Management Cultures: A Four Countries Theoretical Analysis Article.PDF
Mohammad Ayub Khan, Ekaterina Panarina 25
Antecedents to Export Performance and How Italian and Slovanian SME's Innovate During Times of Crisis Article.PDF
Maurizio Massaro, Arthur Rubens, Roland Bardy, Carlo Bagnoli 22
The Cushing OK Crude Oil Futures Price Pass - Through to New York Harbor Reformulated RBOB Regular Gasoline Futures Price Article.PDF
Chu V. Nguyen 12
Lingerie and Morality: Generation Y Kazakhstani Women’s Attitude toward Lingerie Article.PDF
Gulnara Z. Karimova, Aidana Rassilbay, Daniel A. Sauers 9
Real Exchange Rates Determination: Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), and Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis Article.PDF
Boris T Petkov 11
Do Countries Export Their Corruption? A Micro Analysis of Russia’s Trade Partners in Eastern Europe and Central Asia _ARTICLE.PDF
Felicia Belostecinic 13
Former Audit Partners on Audit Committees: Implications for Russian Corporate Governance Article.PDF
Genevieve Scalan 10

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