State-Private Partnership: Essence, Foreign Experience, and Mechanism of Relationship in Ukraine

Lilia Dmytrychenko, Iliya Braylovskyi, Kimberly Millier


The article deals with the essence of the economic category state-private partnership. The article is founded on an analysis of the historical basis of forming and developing a system that connects state and private business. The article includes publications of leading researchers in this field and critically interprets existing approaches. The authors formulate their own positions about the essence, foreign experience, and the mechanism of realisation in Ukraine. Included in the article is a defined, common methodological approach to research of state-private partnerships (SPP). The article is grounded in but does not address previously defined categories of state-private partnerships that use as synonyms: municipal-private partnership, private-social partnership, private-state cooperation, public-private partnership, social-private partnership, partnership states and private sectors. The conditions and mechanisms needed to motive and develop the collaboration of the private sector with the state are an integral part of the article.


state-private partnership (SPP), state sector, private sector, the mechanism of development of SPP, institutional base of development SPP, state-private business, Ukraine


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