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JEECAR title is currently listed in Ulrich's.

Q. How do I get access to Ulrichsweb?

A. Ulrichsweb is a subscription database. Many university libraries provide free access to students/faculty. Please contact a major academic library near you and speak to a librarian about Ulrichsweb.

Q. How do I subscribe to Ulrichsweb?

A. Please contact Ulrich’s global sales team for information regarding purchasing a subscription:

Q. Does Ulrichsweb provide trial subscriptions?

A. Please contact our sales team:

Q. Can I use my native language to contact Ulrich’s?

A. Yes, Ulrich’s team of international editors can handle most languages.

Q. Can you provide me with a link to my title in Ulrichsweb?

A. Ulrichsweb is a subscription database. Currently there is no way to link directly to the title without user name/password.

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