_ConsultingIEECA Consulting Services division is specializing in providing educational and business consulting in regards to Eastern European and Central Asian market. We serve the US businesses with expert analysis and with research approach.

Our Service:

Our service is designed for companies who want to expand into one of the Eastern European and/or Central Asian territory. We operate in particular in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We work site-by-site with our client until they achieve the desired goal.

With solid expertise, our team will assist you in building your local presence and in developing your own network in listed countries providing the following services:

  1. Market research
  2. Business plan formulation
  3. Selection and recommendation of suitable partners and distributors
  4. Recruitment of senior management staff
  5. Estimation of investment requirements
  6. Search for suitable property
  7. Translation of technical and legal documents


The Objective of the IEECA Consulting Services:

  1. Develop networking in the rapidly changing region of modern Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  2. Establish mitigation research plans for societies for volatile economic situations with non-linear developments of the assigned region
  3. Provide and promote knowledge to academia and policy-making
  4. Promote business, economic and marketing education that prepares students to advance their personal and professional goals in the field of International Trade, Management and Business Operations.
  5. Enrich and support technology and other academic-research programs among international students.
  6. Foster supportive private sector relationships to serve educational needs of import-export operations.
  7. To further support innovative programs and activities in global education, business culture, and international trade activities.


Our Experience:

Starting a business in Eastern European and Central Asian countries is quite complicated process. Each region possesses complicated laws for investors who want to set up a business operation or simply open a representative office.

Our experience includes developing small businesses, conducting trade operations and performing other consulting assignments in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We currently have clients in the manufacturing and food production industries, in education, and in banking/finance sectors.


Contact Information:

For additional Information and Fees contact info@ieeca.org