JEECAR is Welcoming Peer-Reviewers, Proofreaders and Layout Editors

Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research (JEECAR) seeks academics who are interested to act as Peer-Reviewers, Proofreaders and Layout Editors. All interested individuals should be experts in areas of economics, finance, marketing, management, international politics and other subjects of global businesses. Applicants must be fluent in English, highly knowledgeable in the listed topics related to countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, have an advance terminal degree, and be associated with an academic institution.

If interested, please submit by email your letter of inquiry and CV, or simply answer the following questions and send them to

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  • Title / Position:
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  • Areas of expertise:
  • Number of articles able to review per year


Review Process

All articles in the printed version of the journal are peer-reviewed. The review process is a double-blind process. Neither the authors nor the reviewers know who wrote or reviewed the article. Per standard practice, only the Editor assigned to handle a paper knows the identity of the authors and the reviewers.

Complete Review Process:  Each research article submitted to the journal is assigned to an Editor who screens the article for suitability and fit with the journal. After the initial screening, the Editor selects two Reviewers who examine the paper and make recommendations to the Editor. The Editor makes to final decision concerning publication of the article. The entire review process is done electronically. All correspondence is sent only to the first author of a paper. It is the responsibility of the first author to communicate with the other authors of the paper.

English Language Proficiency Requirement:  When Editor recommends that submitted article needs some grammar improvement, authors would need to refine the use of English in their manuscripts and might consider using the services of a professional English-language editing companies.

The following article is to be used as a sample of a correctly written and structured paper: JEECAR Manuscript Example.